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How to Know If the Guy Has Special Feelings for You But Isn"t Saying It! Figure It Out Right Away

Men are good at giving out signals to show that they are romantically interested in you.
If you want to know how to read these signals then all you need to do is become a little perceptive and know what to look for.
Here are the signs that suggest that a man has special feelings for you.
He suddenly acts a little nervous and shy When a guy who is normally quite a buddy suddenly begins to act a little nervous, edgy and shy around you it is because he has developed special feelings for you.
This is because he firstly doesn't want you to know how he feels about you before being sure of the way you feel and secondly wants to make a good and cool impression on you.
He ties his very best to impress you When a guy has special feelings for you he will try his best to impress you.
He will try to make you see his accomplishments and his good nature.
He will also try to appeal to your likes so that he makes a good impression on you.
He makes sure that he is there to help you out - always One of the things that men do when they have special feelings for a woman is that they try to obtain the position of the protector and Man Friday.
When you see that your guy is making sure that he is always there by your side to help you out no matter how inconvenient it is to him then you should know that he has special feelings for you.
He looks for ways and means to hang out with you often If you see that your man is cancelling on his mandatory beer and game night just so that he can hang out with you then he is definitely harboring special feelings for you.
He wants you to see that you are more important to him than doing anything else.
He increases his communication with you Suddenly you will see that your guy is beginning to communicate a lot more with you.
He will call you for no reason and will generally try to get a download on all that you have been up to.
He will always support and promote you No matter what the situation and who the opponent; when you see your "buddy" sticking up for you always and showing his support for you then he definitely has special feelings for you.
He does special things for you Finally, when a guy has special feelings for you, your man will do special things for you.
He will know what makes you tick and will impress you accordingly.

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