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Things to Say to Let Him Know That You"re Interested - He Will Get the Hints After This Point

Most men enjoy pursuing and somehow, bluntly telling a guy that you are interested in him just doesn't cut it.
Even in this day and age when women are on equal footing with men more than at any other time in history, it still is more effective for women to do the encouraging and for men to do the chasing.
So, if you are interested in a guy, what do you say to him? Ask him about his day.
The simple gesture of asking him about his day is a good way of letting him know that you are interested.
If you are curious enough to want to find out how his day went, then you are certainly interested in his activities and in him.
Throw in some casual compliments.
Simple heart-felt compliments go a long way.
It shows that you appreciate things about him and are keen enough to notice little things that he does.
Heart-felt is a keyword here - there is no room for flattery or shallow remarks.
Be genuinely interested in his interests.
Listen attentively when he talks about his interests and activities.
Ask questions.
Try to find out more.
You will realize that as you discuss about his passions, you also learn things about him, his personality, the way he thinks and feels.
Don't ever rant about past boyfriends.
There are plenty of things to talk about to let a guy know you're interested, but one thing you should avoid is discussing thoroughly about your past relationships.
Even if he asks, there is no point in telling him in explicit detail about the men in your life.
Don't complain about men in general.
It is not only your ex-boyfriends, it also men in general.
You are not to rant about men and complain about them - not if you want to show that you are interested in the man you are currently talking to.
Don't go into detail about your whole life.
Even when the guy asks you tell him more about yourself, don't reveal every bit of information about your life to him.
Leave room for discovery.
Let him want to find out more, let him want to go deeper.
if you want to let a man know that you are interested, then say it without uttering a sound.
Speak in a way that every bit of you communicates with him.
Use body language.
Use your eyes.
This will let him know you're interested - louder than words can say.

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