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Three Tricks to Make Any Woman Fall Hopelessly For You - "Scarcity, Shrewd Choices, Fractionati

If there's something that guys aren't good at, it's figuring out what makes women go out with some guys, and what makes them ignore other guys.
We can't assume that it's because of looks or fat bank accounts because some of the guys that are popular with gorgeous women look really average.
Now, we learn that it's not about material wealth or good genes; seduction is all about technique.
Master seducers use psychology tactics during interaction to increase their awareness of women's moods and finally decipher the hidden triggers that women respond to when connecting with men.
The key to dating beautiful women is understanding how they make choices, and how they pre-qualify the men they meet.
If you like to cold approach women wherever you are, you must at least have a working knowledge of these things to avoid getting rejected.
When women go shopping, they look for rare items first before scouring the shelves for cheep, available ones.
You will notice that the limited edition items get sold out first simply because women want them more than the rest.
In dating, the same principle applies.
Give off the vibe that you won't be there forever, and women will make sure they snag you before other women do.
If you show signs of being a good catch, and you make it clear that you won't wait for her answer for long, she will eat up your offer before you can even blink an eye.
Women understand that good men are hard to find.
If you come off as 'quality' to her, you should jack up your "prizability" some more by not giving her too much attention.
Shrewd Choices
When talking to women you can automatically assume that she wants to date you, or she would want to date you sometime in the future.
That said, you can give her a choice.
She could either date you now (go somewhere else), or date you later (she gives you her number and you can set up the date by phone).
Notice that rejecting you is not a part of the choice selection? That's the idea.
If you present her with several choices that all work to your benefit, you will limit the possibility of rejection.
If everything else fails, then you should consider using super powerful techniques such as hypnosis.
One such hypnosis technique, called fractionation, is known to be able to make women fall in love super quickly, often in the matter of 15 minutes or even less.
Very effective, but highly controversial because of its reputation in the underground seduction circles.

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