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Daily Routine For Growing Your Business Part 2

The areas I focused on in the previous article for implementing a daily routine for growing your business were: Sponsoring, Affirmations, Posting content consistently Today I'd like to talk more about feeding your mind, learning and training.
For most of us this industry is a brand new experience.
Some of us have the luck of a mentor or strong up line sponsor who will guide us.
In any regards you are the one responsible for your success, not anyone else.
So what can you do about taking charge of your business to guarantee success? I've listed some things that will help in your daily routine for growing your business.
Read and study marketing: People buy your marketing more than they buy your product.
How many times have you gone to your favorite store and spent much more than you expected because you saw something that looked good.
Did you know anything about the item? No, then why did you buy it? Usually it's because of the packaging, the display or other factors.
Good packaging can provoke a buy even when you don't really need the product.
Also a sale sign and many other factors designed to make you pull the trigger.
I suggest you study the psychology of how and why people buy.
Here's a great book I've read Influence The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B.
Cialdini, PH.
He suggests there are 6 major principles for cultivating the purchase, they are; consistency, reciprocation, social proof, authority, liking and scarcity.
There are many great books out there to study and help you become more successful in your business, find them, read them, make this part of your daily routine for growing your business.
Take 30 minutes to an 1hour a day for reading and learning.
Meditation: Why would you want to meditate? It's because you want to remain calm and self assured.
There are so many things that can happen in a day to rattle your nerves.
Meditating is one way to keep your mind balanced.
Here are some benefits of using meditation in the daily routine for growing your business.
Meditation trains the mind just as physical exercise trains the body.
You will have better focus; better memory and you will be able to learn new information quicker if you meditate regularly.
Another benefit to your business is being calm since 90% of all communication is non verbal you want to come across to your prospects as a calm self assured person and meditation can certainly help with this.
Your Up line: Contacting your up line can be very beneficial in the daily routine for growing your business.
Ask them for help and advice.
Ask them what resources they use to grow their business.
They can be a great resource.
You can always go to your.
Don't hesitate to use your up line to help you.
That's what they are there for.
They most likely have had more success than you and if they haven't move on up the line.

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