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Looser Divorce Laws May Improve the Quality of Marriages

Marriage is a beautiful life-changing event that takes place in the lives of two individuals.
The fact that two complete strangers can find each other and connect on such a deep level that they become family with one another is a gift beyond reality.
It is truly a miracle.
However, this doesn't always happen according to plan.
As circumstances change, our ability to adapt to new situations can sometimes be strained.
It is important that we understand ourselves and our relationships if we want to keep them a float.
It used to be that getting a divorce was extremely difficult, time-consuming, and stressful.
Though these descriptions might still hold true, the process has certainly gotten simpler over the years, not to mention that the social stigma associated with getting a divorce has pretty much fizzled away since those days.
And while more and more people are waiting much longer to get married, others have decided that they will not get married at all.
Some experts still believe that marriage is the best way to go.
According to some researchers, couples have better financial lives, health, and personal satisfaction.
They also claim that children who grow up in broken homes are more likely to fall into poverty, sickness, and crime.
What researchers have also found is that when states lower the requirements for getting a divorce, the number of divorces actually decreases.
At first thought, this idea seems counter intuitive.
Why would divorce numbers decrease? Wouldn't people who are unhappy in their relationships choose to leave? The statistics of what happened after the easier laws were put into place are astonishing.
There was a ten percent decrease in the number of individuals murdered by a significant other.
Suicides were reduced by twenty percent.
Those states which refused to implement the easier laws did not see considerable change in the number of deaths related to dysfunctional relationships.
Researchers believe that the decrease in these numbers is related to the fact that easier laws change the balance of power in the relationship.
All of the sudden, the playing field is level.
When one individual in the marriage realizes that the other could easily walk out, he will try much harder to keep the person content.

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