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How To Watch TV on the Computer

Watching TV online can be a simple task...
but finding quality streaming TV content? not so simple.
Sure, you can search "how to watch tv on the computer" at google, but what are the chances of finding a website that allows you to watch great quality streaming TV? Not good.
The problem is, when you find a website that is streaming the content YOU want to watch, you are competing with thousands and thousands of other users on getting the connection speed to watch the show.
The result? Slow, jumping, video...
and out of sync audio.
com is a website that has 3000 streaming channels to choose from.
But depending on how popular the show/stream is, your connection may be horribly choppy and out of sync.
The other problem is some of the channels don't show what they claim to be about.
Sopcast is a popular P2P downloadable application that allows you to connect to users that are streaming TV channels from all over the world.
P2P means Peer to Peer.
This is when one person enables the streaming of their cable or Satellite connection to other users around the world.
The problem with Sopcast is that they only have so many channels that are in English, and once again, you are competing with thousands of other users which results in choppy video.
The perfect way to watch TV over the computer? Directly hook your TV to your computer...
but that pretty much defeats the purpose right? There are services out there that offer thousands of channels streaming to your PC or Laptop, with prices ranging from $39.
99 to $69.
99 per month.
That isn't a bad deal if they provide what they say they provide.
The benefit of paying for such a service is that you won't have millions of people trying to stream the same channels you are.
The idea of watching over 5000 channels on my Laptop while staying in a hotel was what made it worth it for me to try those services out.

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