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How to Make the Transition From Air Guitar to Rock Guitar Without Fear

At one stage we all played air guitar to our favorite rock songs.
'Smoke on the water', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' had become rock classics.
If you want to make the transition from air guitar to real guitar, there are important things to consider.
This article will advice you, and point you in the right direction.
Learn to play guitar fast, starting today.
Guitar training: Obviously the most important consideration.
There are many options to choose from.
If your schedule and budget allows it, it's best if you get private guitar instruction.
If you are working or studying, then internet lessons come highly recommended.
It enables you to practice whenever you have time.
Internet lessons are flexible, and most importantly cheaper than a private guitar teacher.
Online lessons incorporates the latest technology to make learning an interactive experience.
You will play along to videos, jamtracks and videos.
The lessons are presented by world-renowned guitarists.
Other options include DVD's, instruction manuals and software.
Money: You will have to decide how much you're willing to spend on your guitar.
You will have to put money aside for a decent guitar, foot pedals, tuner and amp.
All these can place a burden on your limited budget.
Start saving and don't buy them all at once.
It is best if you acquire them over time.
Before you waste money, you should determine if you are 100% committed to your musical instrument.
Once you know your level of commitment, by all means, buy the necessary equipment.
Time: Devote at least 30 minutes everyday for guitar practice.
The more you put in, the more you'll get out.
This will be heard in your guitar playing.
Don't overdo it, give yourself ample time to rest between practice.
Don't become obsessed,and don't neglect your work and relationships.
Type of guitar: Decide if you want an acoustic, or electric guitar.
If you can afford a new guitar, go for it.
If you buy secondhand look at the overall condition of the guitar.
Make sure that the neck of the guitar is not damaged.
The fretboard must be in a good state,or you'll buy a dud.
The fretboard determines the pitch of the guitar.
You don't want a harsh, shrill sound.
Don't buy a cheap guitar as they tend to go out of tune easily.
Place to practice Be considerate to your neighbors, practice guitar in the basement.
Invite your buddies over for beers, and soundproof your garage.
It can be done cheaply.
You'll need nails, carpet, egg cartons and wood.
C'mon, swap your air guitar for the real deal.
You'll experience pure enjoyment from playing guitar.
It will boost your confidence, knowing you can play a mean guitar.

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