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Advantages Of Transforming Paintings From Photographs

Painting has its own class. It is a highly appreciated form of art. While technology has made taking a photograph easier, painting still holds its charm and elegance. Now days, people prefer to transform paintings from photographs to give it a special feel. It can be used for your personal purpose. But most people prefer to gift such paintings to their family members and loved ones. There are many advantages of converting paintings from photos which are discussed below:

1. When you convert paintings from photo, it changes the entire dynamic of the object. While technology has made photography easier and has brought it in the hands of every individual, painting still is an absolute matter of art and practice and can be done exclusively by trained professionals.

2. Painting gives you a feel of personal touch in it. These paintings are done manually by the skilled and experienced artists. Paintings are converted from photographs that you send to the artists. Even customization of painting is also allowed. You can also recommend modifications till you are happy with the end result.

3. These artists are transforming painting from photo for the last eight years. So they are highly experienced in their field. They cater to different types of clients and fulfil their requirements as per their needs.

4. These paintings are 100% handmade. There are different types of textures and sizes available. You can convert your photographs to different forms of painting viz. Simple painting, charcoal portrait and oil paintings.

5. Different medium of paintings are also used by the experienced artists. These medium are watercolour, oil, black pencil, pastel and charcoal. You can choose any medium as per your requirement.

6. Paintings can be bought in different canvas sizes. The smallest size of canvas is 12x16 inch while the largest one is of 36x48inch.

7. The price range varies as per the quality of texture and size of canvas. Though it starts at a low price of $80 but it can go up to $1000 or more as per your requirement and need.

8. Mode of online payment is much secured. Payment is accepted through paypal. You can make payments via visa, american express, mastercard and discover cards. 25% payment is to be made at the time of placing the order and the rest has to be paid during the final delivery of the painting.

Do not miss this opportunity. Let these skilled artists turn your photograph into amazing piece of painting.

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