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Is Your Ex Worth Taking Back?

After a break-up, feelings and thoughts about your ex lover are still present.
Many likely think about their ex lovers often, especially if the break up is recent.
Some may feel a strong desire to get back with their ex.
Some feel a great sense of relief that the nightmare that they called a relationship is over.
But what about those who are wondering if the relationship is worth giving another shot? Here are some things that you should consider before going through the effort of trying to get back with an ex.
First, has your ex matured since you first met him or her, or are they making the same mistakes, hanging with the same crowd and doing the same things.
Is your ex trying to improve themselves in any way personally or professionally? Does he or she have goals that they are working towards? These are things that you must consider before you decide if you want to spend years with a person in a committed relationship.
You must understand that the physical desires will weaken over time.
What are you left with when the strong physical desires start to fade? Is this someone you want to grow with, build a life with? Does this person want to grow with you and build a life together with you? This is very important to consider.
Second, can you trust your ex-lovers word? This is extremely important as well.
How often has your ex-lover lied to you in the past? Can you trust him or her to do what they say they will do? Do you notice that your ex-lover lies to other people often? Has your ex lover ever encouraged you to lie? If your ex-lover is someone that is not honest, you will never be able to trust him or her.
You must be honest with yourself and know that someone who is a liar is not someone that you should want to pursue a relationship with.
Third, did your ex really love you? Here are some questions that you should ask yourself.
Did your ex-lover genuinely want you to be happy? Did your ex lover support your personal and professional goals? Did your ex-lover involve you in his life in any real way, introducing you to his parents, kids, best friends etc.
? Was your ex-lover interested in getting to know your family, kids, closest friends? Did your ex-lover go out of his or her way to do things for you even if it was not convenient? Was your ex lover honest with you? Was your ex-lover often willing to compromise in order to reach a solution that was mutually beneficial in your relationship? Was your happiness in the relationship just as important to your partner as their own happiness? If you answered yes to these questions, this is definitely a relationship worth pursuing.

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