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Decorating Ideas for Monogramming a Couch

    Single Pillows

    • Pillows are a smart way to add your monogram to your couch without doing anything permanent. A newly married couple might want their couple monogram -- featuring both first initials and their last initial -- on a pillow. A large family can find a pillow with just their last initial on it. A single woman can choose a monogrammed pillow featuring her first, last and middle initials or just her first initials.


    • A throw blanket adds color, as well as a bit of function, to any couch. Monogram a blanket in any style, from a first initial monogram to a three-initial one. Choose a throw blanket that complements your couch and matches an accent color that you use throughout the room. If you have a chocolate brown couch, for example, choose a red throw with a chocolate brown monogram on it.

    Multiple Pillows

    • Get creative with the pillows you put on your couch to display your monogram. You might want a few pillows on the couch for comfort, so get one initial of your monogram printed or embroidered on each pillow. Then arrange the pillows to reflect your full monogram or name.


    • If you want your monogram displayed directly on a couch, choose the safe route and have a slipcover monogrammed. You might like the monogram idea now, but there's no turning back if you monogram directly on the couch. Placing an attractive slipcover over the couch with your monogram gives you the look but the freedom to change it in the future.

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