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Animated Christmas Games

    "Elf-Fords Dress Up Gift Game"

    • "Elf-Fords Dress Up Gift Game" is a game suitable for young children. You start by selecting one of five Christmas presents stuck in the snow. This results in your being given a choice of 10 clothing options. Players then choose clothing to dress the elf.

    "Sneaky Santa"

    • "Sneaky Santa" requires you to help Santa get presents to give to other people by taking them from peoples' homes. Controlling Santa, you must walk around a house putting items into his sack. You must take care not to move too fast or you risk waking up the homeowners.

    "Decorate the Christmas Tree"

    • "Decorate the Christmas Tree" is a game that can be played by children of all ages or as a family activity. Using your mouse, you must drag a range of holly, bells, lights and baubles onto a Christmas tree to decorate it. The game comes with festive music to help get you in the Christmas spirit.

    "Father Time in 'Ice, Ice Baby!'"

    • "Father Time in 'Ice, Ice Baby!'" is a puzzle game for the entire family. Playing as Father Time, you must navigate through a maze to rescue Baby New Year from the center of the maze. While going through the maze, you must also collect various times within the maze such as a hat, scythe and hourglass.


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