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Booking Flight Tickets for Long Journeys

In this fast-paced life, taking a week-off for a vacation needs days of planning. Earlier, a significant amount of time was wasted while commuting to the destination city, but the scenario has changed with the increase in the number of airlines, especially low-cost carriers (LCCs). Flight tickets provided by them are economical; hence a large number of travellers can afford it. As per International Air Transport Association (IATA), more than 900 million passengers will avail the service of air transport by 2017. After analysing the data even further, it was found that most of them will include domestic passengers. However, those who are planning an international trip in the coming future can go for round trips, open jaw or circle trips.

Round Trips

People who visit a single itinerary or place and come back from there often opt for round trips. Travellers can get a cheap air ticket in a round trip when compared to the sum total of one way ticket prices on a particular route. Apart from economical reservation options offered by airlines, travel portals provide additional offers like inclusion of cheap hotels or arrangement of transport from the terminal to the hotel. Such offers can be availed while online booking, after doing a proper research. In such situations, people can go to point B from A and later return to A. Hence, people who want to explore more places in one trip can go for open jaw flights.

The Open Jaw

Many a times while exploring destinations, travellers find terminals near their attractions, other than the one they landed at. In such cases, the airport does not consider a round trip and most of them book separate return tickets, which can prove to be costlier. Another option is that they have to leave from the site of attraction quite early in order to drive back to the airport. In such cases, the open jaw flight, which usually flies from point A to B and goes back to point A from C, is ideal. Point C is usually a nearby place or lies in between points A and B. A flight launched from Atlanta to Seattle and back to Atlanta from Portland can be a fine example of such bookings. Apart from different cities, such flights can run in the same cities but may have different terminals. It is best suited for tourists who have to see various attractions in their one or two-day schedule. In such as case, leaving from the nearest airport saves a lot of time.

The Circle

The circle is addition of another step in the open jaw flights. In this, the number of destination cities is not specific and travellers can add as many points as they wish to. However, the itinerary commences and ends in the same city and minimum three routes are included. In such trips, a permit of maximum two stopovers is given in a one way flight. This reduces the cost significantly, but when compared to other types of trips, it is a bit costlier. Industry experts advise on booking open jaw flights to ensure a low cost of the trip.

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