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Our 5 Favorite Cat Towers

Cats are notorious for their need to climb, and they are happier in high places, the higher the better. Cats feel safer from predators at extreme heights, and they have more control over their prey.

If you are tired of seeing your cat on the kitchen counter, or on top of your refrigerator, face it: he needs a climbing tower he can call his own. These are my choices of climbing towers and other cat furniture.
I've started with a small number and hope to add more selections based on my readers' recommendations.

Armarkat 74" Deluxe 9 Level Cat Tree

I bought this tree at my son's request for his birthday gift. Our three cats, Jaspurr, Joey, and Billy, have been vying for "top cat" privileges, although Billy, the youngest, usually takes the perch on the right of the photo, which is closest to the window, for bird-viewing purposes

We chose this one over other models because of its height, the variety of levels, the ramp, which makes it easy for short-legged Billy to reach the top, and the sturdiness of the base. I was surprised at how quickly my son was able to assemble it. It seemed as if the package had only arrived about half an hour earlier when he called me into his bedroom to view the assembled tower. I felt for a tower with this many features, the price was relatively low.More »

Angelical Cat Rustic Medium Cat Tree

Formerly outdoor cats may prefer natural bark for their scratching and climbing needs. the Angelical Cat Company is a forerunner in the creation of handsome, sturdy climbing trees for cats with bark-covered tree limbs for posts. They have a large number of models to choose from.

I selected the Medium Cat Tree, model B3 for this list. All their trees have many options to choose from. You may select either carpet or plush fabric (or half and half) for the perches, or even substitute all carpet or sisal-wrapped posts for the natural tree limbs. Carpet colors are also an option.

This company's products are not inexpensive. This particular tree retails at the mid $200s, plus shipping, and each option selected comes with an additional price.More »

Drs. Foster and Smith Mega Kitty Tower Carpet and Sisal

Drs. Foster and Smith is a well-respected supplier of pet products, as well as an excellent resource for pet care advice. Their products are well-built and sturdy. The Mega Kitty Tower has a 25" square base and stands 41" high with a cozy platform at the top and a suspended swing. Carpeting and sisal provide plenty of scratching surface. The illustration depicts the sage color carpet, but the tower also comes in five other colors.More »

Drs. Foster and Smith Cradle Condo

The cradle condo opening is only 11" off the ground and is recommended fo arthritic cats, older cats, and smaller cats. The cozy plush hideout is decorated with cute kitty paw prints. and the carpeted cradle provides a perfect place to view outside the window. An optional carpet ramp makes it even easier for older cats to enter the hideout. The condos comes in forest green, merlot, or moss.More »

Molly and Friends 2-Story Condo

This condo is perfect for a home with small space and only one or two cats. It stands 39" tall and contains one double barrel with two rest spots for lounging (one inside the "tunnel cove"). I could see my Jennifur lounging on the top perch.

Molly and Friends boasts that its products are handmade in the U.S.A. and are shipped fully assembled. Having said that, this unit is heavy at 50 lbs., but the good news is that the merchant advertises free shipping.More »

Add Your Own Favorite Cat Towers

Don't be shy. If you think your own cat's tower is far superior to my choices, post it in your comments. It would be very helpful if you could provide as many details about your tower as you can, including the manufacturer or retailer where you purchased it. I'll be glad to consider your choices for addition to this list.

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