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Mass Email Marketing Done The Right Way

An effective mass email marketing campaign is one which is targeted at the right niche group which will be interested and may or my not purchase your product or service.
As they say "The Money is in The List".
The internet is an excellent and cost effective tool for targeting huge numbers of prospects and leads to your business.
Sending out mass emails is relatively inexpensive, there are a lot people who will take advantage of this and will send out emails to unsolicited recipients, this has led to the Can Spam Laws.
Sending emails to recipients who did not ask for them is referred to as Spam and is illegal.
Here are a few tips I use to remain compliant with these laws: 1.
The 'from' information in the email should contain the name of the sender and the senders company name.
The senders postal address should be in the email.
The subject of the email must be accurate and related to the content of the email.
If your email contains adult content, make sure it is easily visible to the recipient.
No false headers on emails.
It should be made s easy as possible for the recipient to unsubscribe from your list.
Having an optin box on your website will help enormously in remaining compliant with the Can Spam Laws, especially having a double optin box.
This is where the recipient fills the optin box and is then directed to there email inbox to click an activation link.
Thereby giving permission to receive the emails.
All information about these laws can be found online, take your time to research it and you will remain compliant when sending out mass email marketing campaigns.

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