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Homemade Cards for a Housewarming Party

    • 1). Purchase card stock paper from the craft store. Also purchase one rubber stamp that reads "You're Invited" and another invitation-specific stamp that has party information headings such as, "For," "On," and "RSVP." These stamps are often sold as sets. Choose colored water-based ink pads to use with the rubber stamps.

    • 2). Cut the card stock horizontally across the center of the sheet with scissors. The result will be two even half-sheets of paper, to create two cards. Fold each sheet in half with both hands, then crease the spine of each card with the long side of a ruler.

    • 3). Place the raised text on the "You're Invited" rubber stamp facedown over the ink pad, and lightly press down to apply the ink. Place the stamp directly onto the front of the card, at the top or center of the sheet. Avoid rocking the stamp back and forth, as this may cause the ink to bleed onto the paper. Lift the stamp up and set it aside.

    • 4). Repeat with the other stamp, the one with the invitation details, placing this one on the inner right side of the card. Repeat the step for each additional card and let them air dry.

    • 5). Enter the housewarming party information with a pen, following the stamped headings. Embellish the front of the card with additional decorative stamps, markers or watercolors. Place all homemade cards into the envelopes and send out.

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