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How to Write a Proposal for Endorsing a Product

    • 1). Explain who you are and why you would be a good choice to endorse the company's product. The company is looking for someone who is going to increase its product's exposure to its target audience, so focus on that as a starting point.

    • 2). Explain what you have to offer to the company. Try to include things such as how many people you have following you, how much growth can be expected and other intangibles you can bring to the table. Remember that the company is looking to sell the product. Focus on the benefits to them.

    • 3). Define what you want from the company in exchange for your endorsement of the product. Explain any monies you want, tours, uniforms or equipment that you would like the sponsor to supply in exchange for the endorsement.

    • 4). Itemize your expenses for the company so that they are aware of the amount of money they will need to spend in order to sponsor you. A breakdown by week is acceptable.

    • 5). Explain other things you will do for the company such as display their logo, write an endorsement letter or make a personal appearance endorsing its product.

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