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5 Real Signs of Infidelity in the Marriage

Discovering the Signs of Infidelity in Your Marriage

Though the specific circumstances of cheating vary from one relationship to another, there are some common signs of cheating that you should be very aware of.

Remember these common signs, because this is the only way you can fuel your intuition and own good sense when you're trying to discover if your partner is having an affair.

1. Your partner suddenly becomes more keen on attending events like seminars and conferences that "force" him or her to be away from your home for days or weeks at a time.

Usually, a person becomes very hard to contact when he or she is away. As for local events, cheaters usually choose to go alone, for obvious reasons.

A cheater might also begin fabricating excuses about travelling to other places to visit relatives and friends.

Any excuse that would make the long time away reasonable may be used repeatedly by the cheater. If it works the first time, it will work again - unless the person being cheated on finally discovers the truth.

2. What about sex? Two things can happen when a person is cheating on his or her partner: (1) he may become uninterested in having sex at home, or (2) ironically, his sexual interest may increase because he's getting some sex outside the relationship.

Sudden changes in sexual activity at home may be a sign that something is up.

Though your partner may simply be turning things around for the both of you by changing his or her behavior, be careful about such changes in behavior.

Though sexual activity may be boosted initially by the presence of a third wheel, the increased sexual activity usually disappears as time passes.

Interest in the partner being cheated on will usually diminish. Eventually, the cheating partner may decide to avoid sleeping with his or her partner entirely.

There have been many cases of unfaithful lovers who chose to sleep in another part of the house because they were no longer interested in sleeping with the same person every night. If this happens, you can be sure that your partner is enjoying an affair at its peak.

3. Another common sign of an affair is a significant change in the way your partner treats you.

For example: in the past, your husband or wife may have been more affectionate toward you. During an affair, even the small things that make a relationship that more meaningful and pleasant can disappear.

A cheating spouse may also begin to become more critical of you, i.e. your appearance, the stuff you do at home, the way you handle the kids, your finances, etc..

4. Another potential problem indicator is a noticeable change in your partner's appearance. If your partner suddenly becomes interested in losing weight or gaining muscle out of the blue, you may want to find out why your partner suddenly became more interested in improving his or her appearance.

Sudden changes in wardrobe are also a warning sign. Usually, cheaters improve their wardrobe because they wish to appear younger. A cheater would always be interested in impressing the third wheel in the relationship.

5. Changes in a person's personal preferences can also signal the presence of a third party in a relationship. For example, if your partner begins to listen to music or watch shows that he or she has previously ignored or completely disliked, the newfound appreciation may stem from the personal preferences of a new lover.

Though this isn't always the case, it's a good idea to watch your partner closely. It's possible a person could try something new just break the monotony of the day, but it's also very possible that he or she is watching or listening to something new in order to impress a new lover.

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