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What Are the Advantages to Doing a Pre-Launch Versus Just Joining a Company?

When looking to join a network marketing company, most people either a) jump at the first opportunity that sounds good; b) go with the company a friend recommends; or c) join the company most publicized on a social media site.
The truth is network marketing and MLM professionals understand something the general public doesn't.
They understand the science of picking a company and they ALWAYS do their due diligence first.
It's similar to investing in the stock of a company.
What works better? Investing based on the latest hot tip you heard at the office or following a due diligence process like that of Warren Buffett? One method of analyzing a network marketing company is a pre-launch.
The bottom line is that a pre-launch accomplishes several things for you...
You Get To Know Your Team: A pre-launch allows you to get to know the team members, those behind the launch, and those who you'll be working with after the launch.
You Get To Know The Company: During a prelaunch, the team who is running the pre-launch should pay special attention to educating everyone involved in the launch on the company and products they're associated with.
This is typically done towards the end of the pre-launch as we begin to prepare to move everyone into the company as active distributors.
After all, the goal is to show you that we're real people, really here to help you, show you that the company we're working with is solid and has great products, and have you join our team and become a distributor of the company with us.
Allows You To Pre-Build Your Business For Free During The Pre-Launch: Let's face it.
Someone has to pay for all of these websites, the software behind them, and the hundreds and hundreds of hours behind this pre-launch, right? As a team, we've invested into everything ourselves so YOU can have access to everything for FREE.
This provides us a chance to prove ourselves to you without you having to invest even one penny first.
While the pre-launch is happening, we teach you all the ways you can market and share your website with others so you can pre-build a large team of future team members and company distributors that you will be earning income from.
We feel it's important to show you that we believe in you, and that we're investing in you first, before you make any decisions or investments yourself.
We only wish that everyone used this model to market their businesses and work-from-home business opportunities! It would cut down on 95% of the scams, junk, and 'get rich quick' trash you see out there! 4.
Builds Your Trust And Belief: Not so much building your trust and belief in us and the company we're associated with (although that is extremely important as well!) but helping YOU build trust and belief in yourself.
When you start seeing your business building and many, many new people joining your business everyday in your back office, it's REALLY exciting! You begin to build belief and trust in yourself and say, "Yes, I Can Do This!" It's no secret that to become successful in any home-based business that you need to believe in yourself.
In fact, that plays a much, much larger role than most people may think! We have countless stories of people going from earning zero to great part-time incomes, from part-time incomes to full-time incomes, and from earning six-figures to earning seven-figures a year all because they began to believe in themselves!

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