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I know that as you are reading this article, that you like great art in your home, but you are tired of the art posters that have been printed millions of times and which are decorating the walls in the rooms of every other person you know.
I sounds like a bit exaggerated, but it's a sad truth.
Now that you are in this situation, you can potentially stay away from buying poster prints of those well-known artists and rather go to art exhibitions and buy some fresh art paintings, from fresh artist.
If you have the time to do so and your wallet allows for that, fine.
But read on anyway, as I'm going to reveal a whole new source of virtually endless variety and artistic talent: Digital Art OK, that sounds a bit contrary, doesn't it? The guy is talking about decorating my rooms and then he refers to Digital Art.
What is Digital Art anyway? Simply put, Digital Art is like any other form of art you know, but it's creation took place using a computer.
The myth about Digital Art is, that it can only exist on a computer screen.
The latter is not true.
Let me step back for a minute.
As you are reading this article on the internet, I think I can safely assume you have travelled many websites before.
Chances are, that you have seen many digital images which you admire for their artistic sense, their colors, their theme.
Chances are, too, that were unaware of the fact that many of those are available as digital poster prints - in full poster size if you wish, 30" x 20".
Usually, they come on high quality, shiny and thick Kodak (or similar) photo paper, with bright and saturated colors, that will never fade.
Now, once you know what to look for, you will find that many online galleries for Digital Art have a poster service for most of their featured artists.
The most prominent source for a great variety of Digital Art is probably deviantart.
com, with their thousands of artists and hundreds of categories.
It is hard to imagine that someone would not be able to find something great over there.
Of course, you will be able to mail order your printed poster directly from there, with prices averaging between $5 and $50, depending on the size and material.
Even prints on canvas are becoming more and more available, but these are usually more expensive.
If you want Digital Art even cheaper, with some Digital Art shops you can leverage the fact that your poster art is electronic, hence can be delivered to you electronically.
This way, the merchant will not have to add his margin to the poster creation service, the packaging and post office delivery.
You only pay for the digital item itself, and that can start as cheap as one or two Dollars.
It's very simple to get your electronic poster on real, physical photo paper.
No, you are not going to print it yourself with your inkjet printer.
Simply put the file you have downloaded on a USB stick or burn it onto a CD, and bring it to your photo shop next door, for them to produce it on glossy photo paper, at the size and format you wish - which is not expensive at all.
The last step for you to do then is to pull out that old Kandinsky out of its frame, insert your new Digital Art poster instead, and start impressing your friends with that.
To wrap it all up, you have learned about new sources of art, you know how to get that up your wall, your living rooms stands out from others, and you have not spent a fortune for it.

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