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How to Format an Article That Gets Read

I have said it before and I will say it again, you can write articles.
Almost anyone can write an article.
Learning the tricks and special little techniques that result in your article getting read will be the key to your article marketing success.
Unfortunately many people do not take the time to develop their article writing craft.
This results in few people reading their articles and even fewer clicking through to the site listed.
Writing is a skill but it is one that can be learned.
Visit any major article directory and examine some of the more popular articles.
You will find that some are not well-written and others may be very short.
But what you are also likely to find is that those same articles have catchy titles.
The titles not only give you insight into what the article holds in store for you but it is interesting.
Also note that keywords are included in the title.
By using an attention grabbing title you will be way ahead of the game of article marketing.
Next you will need to introduce your subject matter.
This is done in the first paragraph.
You will basically be letting the reader know in greater detail than the title what your article is about.
Again, you should include your keywords.
The next few paragraphs are the meat of the article.
This is where you tell your story.
I always suggest that you begin by discussing an issue related to your niche and some problem that must be addressed.
Then you need to discuss the solutions to the problems, which of course, will relate to your product, service or offer.
As your article continues you will build each sentence on the one before it.
Write as if you are talking with someone.
Forget that you are writing to a group of people that you will never know.
Keep your formatting simple and pleasing to the eye.
The goal is to make your article easy to read.
You can do this by using short sentences and concise paragraphs.
Continue to sprinkle the content with your keywords, but only where they would fit in naturally.
Never stuff them in just to so you can use them more often.
Remember to write as if you are talking to someone.
Bulleted lists make an article appear easier to read.
That is why you should include lists anytime they fit in.
You can even include headings and sub-headings if you desire.
The point is to make your content appear uncomplicated and that it will be a quick and easy read.
Almost everyone is in a hurry and time-consuming reading material often gets ignored.
End your article with a summary paragraph.
This can be very brief.
All you need to do is tie your ending to the article itself.
I like to connect the summary with the introduction.
It is sort of like you tell the readers where they are going in the introduction, then you take them there, and your summary reminds them where they have been.
Writing does not have to be difficult but care should be taken to format an article in a way that it will get read.
Otherwise your time and efforts will be wasted.

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