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Benefits of the Citrix Resource Manager

The advantages, configurations and how to use Citrix Resource Manager during system administration.
Citrix has categorized into three versions of their Citrix Presentation Server products on market.
The three categories divided in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions.
As everyone has aware about advance supports of Citrix load testing and balancing of standard version.
The activity edition with Presentation Server 4 provides more functionality and latest features like Server Reboot options, Installation Manager, CPU utilization management, Application Isolation Environment and virtual memory optimization.
Also these features are available in the project edition of Resource Manager.
Although it can be very helpful but many companies do not use this features of Citrix monitoring in their infrastructure.
Introduction to Citrix Resource Performance Manager (RPM) Citrix Resource Manager displays and stores data about system applications, performance testing or process use purpose.
Citrix RM is partly covered with Performance Monitor but adds some extra features to it.
The brief introduction and functionality of Citrix Resource Manager are described below.
These additional functionalities are the main advantages of Resource Manager.
* Real Time Watcher - The monitored counters which are called Metrics in Citrix Resource Performance Manager.
You can assign this into two steps warning and error.
If these steps are hit Resource Manager then you can directly use some methods like SNMP, E-mail or SMS.
* It can store the collected database for a long time.
This makes it feasible to generate reports based on current and past activity.
* Resource Manager having option to create crystal reports of billing on self defined costs.
* Besides the system counters, Citrix RM collects specific data like User activity, Application usage and Farm information.
If your infrastructure is already having latest application monitoring system likes HP, OpenView, Tivoli NetView, OpenView or CA Unicentre then these solutions provide the best Network Manage component.
These component seaports the data from Resource Manager to the monitoring system, so data is also available in those systems.
Citrix also support s the features for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).

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