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3 Step Journey To A Vigorous Relationship

Working together for long hours, facing challenges, meeting up with deadlines, fulfilling targets, going through cut-throat competition sometimes lead to feeling of jealousy, hatred and unhealthy competition amongst the fellow workers. With increasing competitiveness companionship is decreasing leading to unhealthy personal relationships at work. A good relationship at work not only keeps the experience enjoyable, stresses less but also increases the productivity. Having friends always help. If you are also suffering from an unhealthy relationship at work, here are some tips to save relationship:
1. UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENCES: While working together one should understand that different people at exactly same thing can interprate it in totally different ways depending on their prospective. Thus we should understand and respect each-others view point and negotiate at an agreeable approach while working. Understanding each other is the basin key to build and maintain a relationship. Even if your relationship is going out of track, helping your co-worker a bit and showing your concern and respect towards him can be a great help. Eventually evolving a mutual sense of understanding can result in betterment of work and save relationship from parting.
2. COMMUNICATION: Communication is the master key which opens all the jammed doors. A good communication helps not only in building friends, making relationships but also plays a vital role in safeguarding them. A good communication helps in all the spheres of life. One can win any heart by acquiring the skill of good communication. There are no conflicts which cant be resolved by talking out. It needs great courage to initiate a communication specially when there is a cleavage in the relationship but for a dying relationship communication acts as life saving oxygen.
3. RESOLVING CONFLICTS: Every relation has its own conflicts. A relationship with conflicts is generally healthier than the one without it. Conflicts if resolved in a good manner can result in deepening of trust, love and understanding in a relationship. Conflicts are the result of conversations with high emotional value. While encountering a conflict everyone is left with two ways. First, become a prey to the conflicts, stick to the ego and let the relationship have a crack. Secondly, save relationship by showing great courage and resolving the conflict in a healthy, positive way.
Relationship is the name of an unwritten agreement to share happiness and antimony together.In todays bloodthirsty work life it is important to have a cohort. Just like any other relationship, this one also may suffer blooms but by following above three steps will help you save relationship.

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