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Dog Food - Knowing What"s Good For Your Pet

Have you ever checked the contents in a commercial dog food and wondered how on earth the product is "healthy" for your dog? In fact many people are now beginning to realize how highly processed and full of preservatives a lot of the dog products contain.
In a sense, some of these products are like junk food for humans, only they are being consumed by our pets.
So how do we choose a good food product for our pooches? Simply make sure you get dog food appropriate for your dog's age - a puppy consuming adult food will not necessarily get higher quantities of nutrients, and an adult dog consuming puppy food may actually gain too much weight.
An aging dog will require senior food that can be digested easily.
Also consider the food type, which may be dry, canned or semi-moist.
Dry food is usually suggested but it will really depend on the individual dog.
For ingredients, search for meat or egg as these have high levels of protein in the form of usable, digestible amino acids.
Compare the Guaranteed Analysis and ensure products described as "complete and balanced" satisfy AAFCO standards.
Now choosing the best dog food may be easy but having your dog eat it is another story.
When switching, make it gradual.
If issues come up, ask your vet for assistance.
Usually a vet will recommend a particular brand of food product that will accommodate the breed for your dog as well as the ideal feeding amounts, particularly if the breed is susceptible to diabetes.

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