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Saint Brother Andre - Miracle Worker?

Steps taken to avert forfeiture of the mortgage, and thereby the property covered by it, constitute stop mortgage foreclosure.
A delinquent borrower would be deprived of his mortgage, which is a deed of trust executed between him/her and the lender for the finance availed of for procuring the property.
On default of payments, the lender begins proceedings for foreclosure of the mortgage, after serving notice to the borrower.
Foreclosure signals termination for the borrower with regard to the mortgage and its terms, with the result that the property would be lost, along with his credit-worthiness.
The property could be a home or real estate.
If it is a home, the loss would be terrible sentimentally.
By all means, the borrower should pursue the path of prudence to salvage the mortgage.
There are a number of consultants discharging professional assistance to deal with the situation.
The lender, being approached with a carefully drawn-out plan of action to repair the damage, ensuring future financial discipline, will allow amends like special forbearance.
Temporary suspension of payments, extension of the terms of the mortgage, etc.
can be extracted from the lender.
However, the best way is to coax the lender to modify the mortgage with a new deed.
For this, the lender should be convinced of the fact that the borrower does not have a history of bad credit.
The past history of financial transactions should be clean.
The lender should be convinced that the present default is not deliberate and that the financial situation has improved and that the borrower is prepared to make regular payments henceforth.
Refinancing would be provided in such instances to take care of the primary debt as well as incidental financial needs of the borrower.
If this is not possible, the borrower can execute a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure by which the mortgage would go back to the lender.
Stop mortgage foreclosure can salvage the borrower?s trustworthiness.

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