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Facts About Dog Pregnancies

    Gestation Period

    • The gestation period, or the time from when a female dog conceives until she gives birth, is around nine weeks. In humans, it is nine months.

    "Morning Sickness"

    • While dogs don't experience a period of frequent vomiting, or morning sickness, like humans do, they do go through a period of around 10 days in the beginning when they refuse food.


    • A pregnant female dog is called a "bitch." When she delivers her puppies, it's known as "whelping." A "whelping box" is a manmade box in which a pet female dog can whelp her puppies.


    • At five weeks, the dog's nipples will change color and become larger as they prepare to give milk to nurture her coming puppies.


    • Work with your vet to develop a specialized diet for your dog. Obesity is a major problem in pregnant dogs. Also, proper and adequate exercise is vital to make sure the dog does not develop problems post-pregnancy due to obesity.


    • Roundworms and hookworms can be transmitted from an infected mother dog to her unborn puppies. If the mother shows signs of or passes any worms, the puppies and the mother must be treated after the puppies are born. The mother should never receive vaccinations while pregnant, as they may harm the unborn puppies.

    Food Intake

    • After about 35 days of pregnancy, the mother dog will require an increase in food and calorie intake. Feed her about twice as much as normal, as she needs nourishment for her growing puppies.

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