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"The Life and Times of Tim

'The Life and Times of Tim':

The Life and Times of Tim follows the titular character, a twenty-something male living in New York City. He tries to do the right thing, every day, but the world conspires against him, making all his decisions into catastrophes. The animated comedy premiered September 28, 2008.


The Life and Times of Tim is about a young guy, trying to have a girlfriend, trying to fit in, trying to do well at his job and failing at all of it.

Tim looks at this young man's life using politically incorrect humor, very simple animation and adult situations.


Tim is our anti-hero, the opposite of suave and charming. He has a girlfriend, Amy, who barely tolerates his lack of ambition and bachelor habits. One of his co-workers, Stu, is a regular guy, if regular guys like women with large breasts and free food at the office. One of his other co-workers, Rodney, is not a regular guy. For instance, his finest moment, according to the press release, is cage-dancing shirtless at his own bachelor party. Ew. Finally, there's the neighborhood hooker, Debbie. I can't wait to see her, because she's voiced by a man. Gives you ideas, doesn't it?


The voice actors of The Life and Times of Tim are a mix of unknown actors and celebrities. The voices on the show include Mary Jane Otto as Amy, Nick Kroll as Tim's best friend Stu, Matt Johnson as Rodney and Peter Giles as The Boss. Guest stars have included Aziz Ansari, Jennifer Coolidge, Will Forte, Elliott Gould, Bonnie Hunt, Wendie Malick, Debi Mazar, Alfred Molina (who looks like he could be Tim's father) and Cheri Oteri.


Steve Dildarian is the mastermind behind The Life and Times of Tim. The show is based on an animated short of his titled Angry Unpaid Hooker. Hooker won the Best Animated Short award at the 2006 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. Prior to this, Dildarian worked primarily for ad agencies, creating the Budweiser Lizards TV ad campaign, for instance. Dildarian provides the voice for the main character, Tim.

My Two Cents:

The cartoon is full of awkward humor, which seems to be the latest trend as humor goes, such as long pauses, social faux pas and accidental insults, much like The Office. I enjoy that kind of humor, and because The Life and Times of Tim is on HBO, the humor is more adult.

In fact, The Life and Times of Tim is a cartoon that would be very much at home as part of Adult Swim, with its primitive animation and awkward, adult humor. Listening to the show is much like listening to 12 oz. Mouse, in terms of dialogue and style.

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