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How to Build Your Own Tech Deck Skate Board

    • 1). Take your Tech Deck wrench and loose the bolts around the four wheels. Make sure not to lose the bolts--you will need them later.

    • 2). Loosen the bolt securing the trucks to the board. There is one bolt holding each truck into place. The trucks are the metal bars that hold the wheels. Be sure not to lose these bolts.

    • 3). Design the bottom of your board. If your board already has a design that you're happy with, you can move on to the next step. If there is no design on your board, you can use markers, stickers, or anything else you would like to create a design for your board. You can carve symbols into the board or simply draw out your name--the choices are up to you. If your board already has a design and you don't like it, you can use sandpaper to sand the design off, then use markers other materials to create your own design.

    • 4). Screw the wheels onto the trucks. You can use whatever wheels and trucks you choose. You can use the extra set in your package, exchange pieces with a friend, or use the same pieces that you previously took off.

    • 5). Screw the truck into your board. If you designed your board with anything that may still be wet, (paint, marker, glue, etc.) wait until it dries before you screw your truck back into place.

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