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Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

A small investment in a glow in the dark dog collar can save the life of your little friend.
The collar can make your pet visible to oncoming traffic and give them time to stop so your pet can make it home safely.
There are times that pets get frightened and escape from the most responsible of pet owners.
The pet can be frightened by any number of possibilities.
One is the independence day celebration that often takes place in your neighborhood.
The loud fireworks can frighten your dog so he or she is hiding under the bed.
Someone rings the doorbell and when you open the door to answer, your little pet is out the door like a rocket.
The glow in the dark collar can help you in a couple of ways.
The collar can help you to see and identify your pet.
Once you find the dog, you can call him to you and bring him back to safety.
The collar can help other people to see you pet.
The few seconds that a reflective collar gives a driver to see your pet crossing his path can mean the difference between life or death for your dog.
For dark colored pets, the collar is essential.
When this dog gets out at night, it is very difficult for him to be seen, even by vehicles that are traveling below the speed limit in residential areas.
If a driver cannot see your pet, he will not stop the vehicle.
A glow in the dark dog collar is helpful for working dogs that help you after it is dark.
If your cattle dog is working after dark, you will be able to see where he is and where he is leading the cattle.
Many hunters also use their hunting dogs after dark.
The glow in the dark collar gives a second indicator of the dog's location in addition to his bark.
Once you get into range, you will easily be able to locate the dog and see where he has treed the prey.
The glow in the dark dog collar is less likely to be lost than a glow in the dark tag or other device used to help keep track of your dog and prevent an accident from occurring.
If you want to spend more money, you can also purchase a GPS collar for the dog.
The GPS collar provides a device that can tell you when you dog has left his boundary area or can tell you the pets location when you call the access code.
These devices help you to find a lost dog.
Neither a glow in the dark dog collar nor a GPS dog collar are a substitute for training your dog.
They are also no substitute for an adequately fenced yard that can keep your dog safe when he is out of the house.
In addition, your pet should always be supervised in order to prevent a run away dog.
When out of the pen, the dog should be on a secure leash.

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