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Classroom Activities Using Scanners

    Photo Collage

    • Students can create a digital photo collage with ease using a scanner. Have students bring in pictures that are important to them. This could be personal photographs of family and friends or cutouts from magazines of their favorite things. Help students to scan all of their photos onto a computer. They will then use a word processing program to arrange all the photos on a page in the pattern of their choosing. These collages can be printed out and saved on a CD or USB device for printing in the future. The activity can be taken a step further by having the class create a collage as a group. This collage can contain the combined interests of all class members or perhaps even all school photos from the year.


    • Have students archive important news articles with the help of a scanner. Instruct each child to find a news article from the day or week that discusses something important to the community or nation. Have the students scan them and compile all articles into a folder on the computer. This will serve as a record of the time for students that can be added to and looked back on as time goes on. They will also have the chance to think critically about current events upon deciding what is worth archiving.

    Visual Art

    • Students can use scanners to improve their visual art projects. Have students complete a drawing in either black and white or graphite. Instruct them to scan their drawings onto a computer. They can then proceed to use the computer's image editing program to increase the piece's contrast levels. It will be evident just how much detail the scanner is capable of picking up on and how the computer can subsequently be used to enhance art. Have them print out their newly improved artwork.

    Texture Scanning

    • Scanners allow students to view and compare the textures of various materials. Have students bring in a piece of fabric or a flat object with texture. Scan them to a computer and use the computer's image viewing program to zoom in on the material, getting a look at what it is made up of. Scanners make it possible to see fibers that they eye doesn't pick up on, making this a great exploratory activity for students.

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