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How to Advertise On Google

    • 1). Sign up for an Adwords account. Go to and create an account.

    • 2). Next, setup a campaign. Click on the campaign tab and click the "new campaign" button in the middle left side of the screen. Enter a name for your campaign. You can target your campaign to a country, state or city. You can also target languages.

    • 3). Create an ad group. Ad groups can hold multiple ads. Enter the ad group name and then create an ad. The title and text you use to create your ad will determine the number of clicks each ad gets. Customize your title to entice users to click on your ad. You want the title and the text to accurately reflect the website or product they will be routed to. Tricking people to click on your ad will only cost you money.

      The display URL and the destination URL to not have to be exactly the same. You can put a shorter, cleaner URL in the display URL box and place a longer URL in the destination URL box.

    • 4). Select keywords. Google displays your ad when people search for the keywords you select. It takes a lot of testing a research to find good keywords that produce conversions. You want to target people that will convert into customers, not just click on your ad.

    • 5). Set your default bids. Start small and slow to see where your ad will rank against the competition. The higher you bid the better your ad placement will be.

      Save your ad group when you are done. Your ad may take a few hours before it starts to show up in the Google search results. Google tracks the number of impressions and clicks for you with detailed reports.

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