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My Suitcase Is Nearly Empty

My suitcase is nearly empty.
There are a few odds and ends in it.
You know just in case.
I want to make sure that I always have the necessities - you just never know.
This nearly empty suitcase belief pattern causes more people to become frustrated and give up on the idea of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.
Can you figure out why? The belief pattern on the surface is that with my suitcase nearly empty there is plenty of room for the abundance that is coming to me.
Here is the thorn in that theory.
It is nearly empty.
The belief that have to keep the few necessities.
Deeper still - the idea that I need to drag around a suitcase in the first place.
These are belief patterns ingrained in scarcity - in an attitude of lack.
When you are in an attitude of lack, there is no ability to apply dynamic energy to the equation.
You can use magnetic energy all you wish.
Affirm and affirm over and over again - but without removing the underlying obstacle of lack from the equation, all you really are doing is attracting more lack into your life by blocking the magnetic energy from receiving or retaining anything that may come into your life.
What is the key to unblocking the belief pattern of lack and removing the obstacle? In my experience that which I am grateful for multiplies.
Simply put when we are grateful for what we have we fuel our dynamic energy and our magnetic energy draws in the abundance.
The sense of lack is the desire or need to stake out claim on feelings, emotions, or physical items that we are afraid of not having.
Fear is a large part of lack that blocks us.
Gratitude is an action word that when applied in daily activities can transform any type of lack or scarcity into abundance.
To apply gratitude is simple and rewarding in its self.
The first step in applying gratitude into your life is to acknowledge what it is that you already have that you are grateful for.
Starts by writing a list of things you are grateful for each morning.
I tell those I work with to come up with a list of five things each morning that you are grateful for.
Start a gratitude journal and sign and date it each morning after writing your list.
This simple practice will net results beyond any imagination.
This daily practice will begin to replace or transform the old belief pattern of lack.
You will begin to realize after vigilant and diligent practice that everything you need in life is flowing into your life already.

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