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How to Deal With Rejection?

Are you depressed because the guy you like does not like you back? Have you been dumped recently and can't seem to get over the hang up? Do you want to know how to deal with rejection so you can finally move on? It's not easy to bounce back from the heartbreak of being rejected, but it is possible.
Here are some tips.
Acknowledge that everyone gets rejected.
It's not just you.
There isn't necessarily anything wrong with you.
Rejection is a part of dating; we all have to go through it in order to find that special someone.
Look at it as a step to something better.
The more you weed away the Mr.
Not-Rights, the closer you get to finding "The One.
" 2.
Address the pain and take time to heal.
If you feel like crying your heart out, go right ahead.
If you want to get drunk with your girlfriends and hit on other men, do it.
If you feel like punching someone, go to the gym and hit the punching bags.
If you don't feel like talking to anyone, go ahead and sulk.
Just deal with the pain because if you try to hide or deny it, it will just manifest another time.
You cannot get over rejection overnight, so don't even try.
Take your time.
You will eventually heal.
Channel the negative energy into something positive.
Take up a hobby, meet your friends for a nice meal and coffee, join a new club.
The key is to keep busy and keep social.
Being out there is not only good for you mentally and emotionally - it can also lead you to your next relationship! 4.
Finally, never give up on love.
Just accept that the previous guy rejected you, but take comfort in the fact that someone, somewhere, is waiting for you.
Stop obsessing about what could have been and instead celebrate the now and the future.
Be yourself - this way, you attract people who truly like you for what you are.
You will be much happier.

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