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5 Reasons Why Mobile Video"s Wont Take Off

There are conferences being held at iHollywood forums about coming up with full-motion videos for your cell phone.
This service will be provided for the new Nokia 3650 wireless phone.
At first one might think this is a cool new idea and concept, but it is not.
The idea has been around since the early 80's and it never took off then and most likely won't now and there are good reasons it won't, some of which are and not limited to: 1)The screen resolution is way too small to properly enjoy and view the full-motion pictures designed for large screen plasma TV's.
2)It can be almost guaranteed that if this movie was attempted to be played on another phone, the battery would give up half way, if not earlier.
Regardless, even on the Nokia, the batteries can only last up to an hour longer after the entire movie is done playing (provided the movie is approximately 1.
5 hours in length) 3)Lastly, the quality of the movie would not be so great, as referenced in point one, not only that but the movies will be in the RealOne format, which in geek terms means, long buffering time and very poor video quality.
4)The price of this is targeted at $20 per movie, because of "the ease and mobility" carriers' provide for the content.
This as we know, is more expensive then watching the movie in the theatres and almost the same as buying a DVD that you can keep forever or renting up to 4 blockbuster movies.
5)If there is a call or incoming message, it will most cover and block the screen that the movie will be playing on temporarily.
These reasons are sufficient enough to not want to go and subscribe to a mobile content provider that are over-charging for a service that is not new or very user-friendly.

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