Health & Medical Self-Improvement

9 Of Wands In Tarot

The focus is on character, stamina, and (self) discipline; courage, faith, or conviction; doing your best according to the circumstances you find yourself in; and gathering strength, biding time, or awaiting the right moment to act.  You want efforts to bear fruit, you want to socialize, circulate, and be out with others, and you want your health (or that of another) to improve.  Financial transactions and social activities will bring success and rewards.  There will be two loves vying for your affection, and you will be trying to sort out the dilemma or find the answer that will quell the conflict, but the solution you come to will either break your heart or be impossible to carry out.  You'll be surprised by the cancellation of an appointment and/or a call that never comes or by an "enemy" that turns into a friend.  You will be waiting for something to pan out or for someone to arrive. If someone in your home is ill, a doctor or a friend with a medical background will call or come to visit.  An old friend, lover, or admirer will call and, if they arrive, will want to stay.  You will travel for business or social reasons and have a glorious time because you will have much charisma, make friends easily, and attract many admirers. 

You will be tied to paperwork, and what at first glance looked relatively easy will turn into a major production.  You will make money at your craft and promote yourself and your business. If you are involved in or considering a metaphysical venture or profession, it will prove to be very lucrative and rewarding.  If you want to unite with someone but your intention wavers, you could miss your chance, because while you're dallying, they could move in a different direction.  You'll experience displeasure and dissatisfaction caused by confusing issues, delay, or adversity.  You will enjoy giving to another or being in the arms of someone who is extremely engaging and quite a bit different from the others you've known.  You will be waiting for a call or response from someone, and you will soon have one.  One of your relatives will be experiencing financial difficulties and will be looking for a way out of his or her dilemma.  You'll be feeling run down or sick and may seek medical attention, and/or a change of physicans could correct a misdiagnosed problem.  You will make enough money to get by and will have an opportunity to make more.  In a very short time, you can expect a major change in your activities, attitude, and love life.  You will be waiting to hear from a friend (or lover), and there will be a lot of nervous energy around that. You may wind up calling them.  You are going to get (or give) some sound advice concerning health and will also get a respite from a current struggle.  You will mail a document or manuscript and be awaiting a reply.  You'll have no choice but to wait before you can see your efforts bear fruit, or you will worry that another isn't communicating all the facts or is seeing someone else.  You will be disappointed in having to wait before further progress can be made.  You are going to put an end to waiting around for something to happen and to the way you have habitually dealt with situations in the past.  An old friend or lover will suddenly appear, bearing a new opportunity that could be just the thing you want or need.  Stay on purpose with your intention and what you want. 

You will "inherit" new ideas or seeds for the future that promise a brighter tomorrow.  You will get many calls and could be constantly on the move.  You'll be grateful for the opportunity to do what you want to do after a long period of hard work or exacting labor.  If you don't succeed at first, try again. Also, expect good news concerning business, love, or finances.  Good fortune will come through social connections, work done in the past and/or in the arrival of something very much appreciated or needed. Could even be money.  There's no getting around it, you're going to have to wait for the final prognosis.

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