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How to Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

You are likely reading this in your quest to find the ultimate cat urine deodorizer.
I have bad news and good news.
First, here is the bad news.
I have not yet found a deodorizing agent that will eliminate feline urine.
The good news is that I have found an electronic device that absolutely destroys urine odor.
Let me say, right up front, we love cats! There are many people who believe they are allergic to cats.
What most people don't realize is that what they mistake for allergies to cats is actually an allergic reaction to cat urine.
If you have cats, you have urine floating in the air in your home.
With the proper air purifier you can effectively eliminate that suspended cat urine and lead a healthier lifestyle breathing pure fresh air.
The way it works is really quite simple.
You purchase one of the electronic purifiers, perform a few purification processes in your home or office, place the purifier in a strategic location, then forget about it.
Before you realize it, the cat urine odor has disappeared and you are breathing healthy again! Keep in mind this purifier works on the air only.
It does not eliminate cat urine in carpets or fabrics.
Cat urine odor in some fabrics has been known to be eliminated by focusing the air purifier on the area of cat urine saturation.
It is not commonly effective for fabrics or carpets, however.
There are other odorous situations that can be resolved by one of these electronic wonders.
How would you like to eliminate the odor of the onion? Would you like to remove the onion smell from your hands? What about taking fish odors off your hands? I have eliminated spilled gas odors from both my hands and pants with this electronic purifier.
You can also eliminate cooking odors by focusing the air purifier on the kitchen or cooking area.
An air purifier is not the same as an air filter.
Air purifiers actually destroy the particulate that cause the smell where as an air filter traps particulate floating in a circulatory pattern created by the air filter fan..
This is why an air purifier is much more effective and desired over an air filter.
The air purifier attacks the particulate everywhere, not just in the air circulatory pattern found when using air filters.
A good air purifier will use a combination of ionization, ozone creation, and catalytic reactive coatings utilizing U.
Utilizing this technology has made my home seem like there are no cats.
I have seen other homes completely cleared of the "cat smell" with this simple but technological method of air purification.
Simply plug it in and you are in business!

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