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Learn How to Sing With Proper Breath Support

Singing with proper support makes singing a joy.
To audiences, the polished production seems effortless and magical.
Follow my helpful tips and learn how to sing with proper support.
Shoulder - Your shoulders should stay down and not hunch up when you breath.
Stand in front of a mirror and observe them closely.
Focus on your stomach and imagine that the air is going there.
Keep your body still - Standing in front of your mirror, observe your entire body this time.
Keep still as you breathe in.
Take a deep breath as you would in a yawn.
Don't gulp.
Don't move your head.
Except for maybe opening your mouth, let it not be shown by body movement that you are taking in a breath -- a big breath.
Stand tall - Perfect posture is essential to good singing and good breath control.
The mirror can really be your ally.
Stand side ways and observe your posture.
Your back should be straight as a board.
Tight abs and buttocks - Much as a weight lifter, or a dancer would work what is often referred to as the "core" area, a singer must learn to work this area too.
This a most crucial part of support.
This is crucial to good vocal production.
This "core area" must remain tight and firm all the time you are emitting sound.
Proper support is not something that can be developed overnight.
I sometimes have people coming to me that want to take a few lessons, learn a few tips, and improve their performance for some audition in the immediate future.
Not much can be done in a such a short period of time.
Most often, the things that they want to work on would all be improved by proper support.
Things like stronger high notes, larger range.
I even find that pitch control improves with better and stronger support.
Proper support takes time to develop.
It makes vocal production easy and smooth.
It makes the voice seem like it's floating and soaring and do things that otherwise would be impossible or very difficult.
Take the time and make the effort to learn proper breath support.

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