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Get a Woman to Notice You - The First Step to Ending Up With the Hottie You Have a Crush On!

So, there is this woman that you have seen over and over again.
Maybe you work with her, go to school with her, ride the bus at the same time as her, or she is just somewhere that you like to go quite often.
Either way you have developed a crush on her and you want to know how you can get a woman to notice you, specifically her.
You need to know that it is not always easy to get a woman to notice you, but if you are confident in yourself and you are yourself, she will notice that sooner or later.
However, you are not interested in waiting around and the last thing you want to happen is to find out that you were too late because some other guy came along and scooped her up.
There are many things you can do to make sure this does not happen if you have a chance with this woman.
Do a little bit of recon work and find out what she likes or what she might be looking for in a guy.
All women have a short list of things they really want from a guy that can include things like stability, good looking, confident, smart, and so on.
Find out what is her big thing.
Once you have an ides of what she wants, now you know what you are working with.
She might be the type that will never approach you and she wants you to be the aggressor.
This is fine and if you want to get a woman to notice you that will not make a move, then you are going to have to approach her, just leave the cheesy pick up lines at home.

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