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Should I Take Muscle Milk Prior to Workouts?

    Benefits to Pre-Workout Nutrition

    • Muscle Milk is an energy fitness drink, so it will help to hydrate you before your workout. Hydration is essential to an effective workout session. In addition to Muscle Milk you will also want to consume plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Eating before a workout isn't always necessary, but if you are hypoglycemic or if you feel famished or lightheaded, you may wish to consume a snack before you begin.

    Benefits to Post-Workout Nutrition

    • Consider your post-workout nutrition needs. Muscle Milk is high in protein, providing 32 grams per serving. Fitness experts suggest consuming high-protein food within about 45 minutes of your workout, when enzymes that replenish your stores of glycogen and rebuild muscle fibers are at peak levels.

    Bottom Line

    • While Muscle Milk may keep you hydrated and provide you with a pre-workout snack, you may be better off saving it for after your workout. Consuming a high-protein snack such as Muscle Milk will best rebuild your muscle fibers after your workout. If you need pre-workout nutrition, consider a light snack high in carbohydrates to provide your body with fuel for your workout.

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