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Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide - Out-Level Your Friends

While leveling in Guild Wars 2 it is important that you go about it in the correct way to make any real progress.
In many games, players end up grinding the same enemies over and over again, and that just isn't going to work in this game if you want to level efficiently.
Monsters only give a very small amount of experience when you kill them so there has to be some other reason that you are killing them if you are going to bother taking the time.
There are several different reasons to kill an enemy.
You could be killing to earn an achievement, killing to finish a reputation quest, or killing to complete your personal story quest line or a dynamic event.
Achievements If you run into a monster that you have never seen before in the game, it is important that you kill at least ten of them.
You will gain an achievement for taking out ten of those enemies, and you will get a nice experience boost for earning that achievement.
You also need to consider if you have killed that enemy at all today because you can earn an achievement for the number of different enemies that you kill during the day and that grants you experience as well.
Personal Story Quest The Personal Story quest line is very important for your character and is a great way to level up.
When you enter into new areas you will see green dots on your map with level ranges.
These are spots for your personal story and you should avoid these quests until you at least make it into the level range and it is best to be a few levels above the recommended level.
When you reach the range you simply walk to the dot and talk to the person giving the quest.
Complete the quest and you will be granted experience and will get to see some nice cut-scenes that bring the game to life.
Reputation Quest Reputation quests are often described as "hearts" or "heart quests" because they are represented by hearts on your map.
Basically you will walk around until you see hearts on your map and then go near one of the hearts to get a list of different tasks that you can complete.
When you complete the task you get a large boost of experience as well as a boost in reputation.
The empty hearts will slowly become full as you help the person out and eventually they will turn into a specialty vendor that you can buy different items from.
Dynamic Events Dynamic events are an exciting and unique way to level.
As you are walking around the game things will just happen around you and you get a chance to take part in the events (sometimes you don't have a choice).
You and the other players around you will have to work together to tackle the task and you will all get a nice exp boost when everything is complete.
Dynamic events are generated in areas on the map at random time intervals and there is no guarantee that you will run into a specific quest when you are in an area.
Crafting Crafting is the last way to level up and surprisingly it is one of the most effective ways.
In order to craft you will have to buy each of the three different gathering tools.
When you have the tools you can go around the map gathering resources from nodes on the map.
When you gather the resources you will receive a decent amount of experience that you can use to level up more rapidly.
The nice thing about gathering in Guild Wars 2 is that you can gather each of the different resources as long as you have the proper tool equipped in your hand.
After you gather resources you can have them sent to your bank automatically where they will sit until you are ready to use them.
You can also take items that you do not want and use your salvage kit on them to turn them into resources that you can then send to your bank as well.
After you have a nice sized stockpile of items in your bank you can go there and begin crafting using your chosen crafting profession.
The act of crafting is going to generate even more experience for you and you will be leveling up in no time at all.

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