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Questions Every Good Marriage Counselor Should Ask

    Couple's History

    • The marriage counselor needs to find out about the couple's marital history to determine what may be the underlying cause of the problem. The couple's marital history may include some type of infidelity that will provide clues for the counselor. Issues of trust may be enough reason for the couple's problem.
      Additionally, the marriage counselor needs to ask about the couple's medical history. Specific physical and mental illness, obesity and other ailments may be contributing factors to the conflict. Severe financial problems may stem from long illnesses that the couple had to endure. This can put pressure on any marriage.


    • Children can also cause problems for a couple. Some couples who have children were not ready psychologically for them, and are therefore struggling. Other couples have to deal with a blended family. The marriage counselor should ask whether children are a part of the union or not. A previous marriage can also add a different set of issues to a marriage. The counselor will be able to impart suggestions and solutions on how to deal with those issues.

    Marital Goals

    • A marriage counselor needs to establish and determine the marital goals of the couple. A marriage without a defined goal is not a workable one, and may fail. The counselor also needs to find out what the couple hopes to accomplish in their counseling sessions.
      Knowing the current marital status is also important. The marriage counselor needs to ask the couple if they are in divorce proceedings and if they are separated. This will provide vital information to the counselor to determine how much counseling the couple will need.

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