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Roketa Scooter Maintenance


    • Use a high-quality fuel such as 93 octane, and always keep your fuel level high to prevent the accumulation of debris in the fuel tank. Add a stabilizer to your fuel to prevent damage to your fuel system. This maintains the quality of the fuel if you don't use your scooter for an extended period of time. A fuel stabilizer also helps prevent clogging in the carburetor jets, since the carburetor jets on Roketa scooters are small and easily clog with impurities and debris.


    • Use 10W-40 or synthetic 5W-30 as engine oil for your Roketa scooter. Change the oil after your scooter's first 180 miles, then after every 600 miles. Use 75W-90 as the gear oil for your Roketa scooter. Use a measuring cup to measure the proper amount of gear oil and use a pistol-grip oil gun to pump oil into the gear box. Use mineral spirits or kerosene to clean the air filter. Squeeze the air filter to remove excessive solvent, then allow it to dry. Add air filter oil to the filter until it is damp. Avoid oversoaking the air filter.

    Common Points of Maintenance

    • Check the pressure of each tire before riding your Roketa scooter. Tires with too little or too much pressure cause difficulty in handling, especially when you make a turn. Use a wire brush to clean the end of the spark plug. Charge the scooter's battery once a month. Adjust the rear drum brake to a maximum of 3/4 inch of room in the brake lever. Tighten the cable by turning the nut on the back of the rear drum assembly. Check the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder on the right handlebar. Also, tighten the two nuts that connect the exhaust pipe to the motor. Loose nuts cause excessive rattling of the exhaust manifold gasket, thus making the bike run louder.

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