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Go for farmhouse wedding outside the city

Recently the trend of holding marriages in open spaces has found a lot of audience. Earlier, farmhouse weddings were a place where only the affluent people could afford to wed off their sons and daughters. Middle class families used to go for park weddings, banquet hall or community house weddings. But then with stringent norms on noise rules and security system in the cities, people began to look out of the city space for an open area where the guests could enjoy throughout the night. Thus the concept of farmhouse wedding gained popularity.

Many farmhouses began to crop up and maintained by the owners, builders and entrepreneurs and these were rented to the people for functions such as weddings, birthday parties, engagements and the like. With increased choices in farmhouse spaces, the market got competitive and now the prices have become such that a middle class family can afford to hold a function in a farmhouse. The concept of farmhouse wedding is very practical — a lot of open space for recreation, stalls, decoration and entertainment. There can be opulent decorations like fountains, statues, pillars and separate bay for separate activity in a wedding. Since the venue is outside the city, therefore the weather is comparatively better too. These all factors go in favour of a farmhousewedding over other locations.

Wedding planners have made organizing the wedding functions at such a venue very smooth. They are updated with the latest wedding decorations and put up an impressive show by giving the best to the patrons. In Indian weddings, the bride usually approaches the stage followed by her friends and sister. But now the trend is seeing a change. Some brides choose to sit on a motorized trolley towards the stage (called paalki in traditional language). The trolley comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are dome shaped, others are shaped like a peacock with the bride sitting in the middle of the structure and four men shouldering the paalki's weight. Even the groom now comes under a ‘flower shed', which earlier was reserved only for the bride. So if you are planning to tie the knot anytime soon and are looking for professionals, then BigIndianWedding will be one stop solution to all your needs. From designer lehenga to jewellery to organizing destination weddings, everything is possible and every dream wedding can be realized. So get started and consult the best planner!

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