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Does Your Throat Chakra Need To Be Opened With Brainwave Entrainment?

Life is about communication, which is required for the expression of ideas and the exchange of information.
Brainwave entrainment can enhance your line of communication, with yourself and the world, by gently guiding your dominant brainwaves to the frequency that opens and balances the throat chakra.
The throat chakra embodies the challenges of surrendering your own willpower and spirit to the will of your Creator.
From a spiritual perspective, you highest goal is the full release of your personal will into the hands of your Source.
How you express yourself to others determines the health of this chakra.
Unexpressed emotions constrict the energy center as does not speaking openly and honestly.
Lies and half-truths energetically pollute the throat chakra.
All choices you make in your life have consequences on an energetic level.
Lies violate both your body and your spirit.
Repressing your anger or displeasure, by ignoring your feelings, through either evasive talk or silence, will manifest into throat imbalances.
When balanced, you are faithful and can express yourself and your ideas, have good communication skills, will power and honesty.
Questions to help you Determine if your Throat Chakra is Blocked or Imbalanced · Do you keep things to yourself? · Do you ever feel that you are unable to express yourself while speaking to others? · Are you having trouble doing something that you want to do? · Do you have trouble expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings? · Do you find it difficult to reflect upon your feelings? · Do you have an unconscious, and not so unconscious, feeling of guilt? · Is your voice loud but your words shallow? · Do you feel that your opinions don't matter? · Are you afraid of the truth? · Do you have difficulty speaking your mind? · Do you experience pain in your arms? · Do you worry about what others think of you? · Do you try to appear strong which places yourself under a lot of pressure? You don't want to appear weak, right? · Do you have trouble sharing things that come from your creativity? Like, you don't want people to read your story or see your painting.
· Are you shy and quiet...
withdrawn? · Do you feel uncertain? · Are you out of touch with your soul? · Do your insecurities dominate your life? · Are you listless, tired, out of sorts, depressed, have a negative attitude, fear, and doubt? · Do you hold back, feel timid or weak? · Are you very traditional or conservative and are more concerned with the past than the future? · Are you excessively committed to others at your expense of your own destiny? · Do you have a strong unwillingness to change? · Are you self-centered? · Do you think of yourself as a martyr, giving begrudgingly, or resentfully? · Are you always trying to take control? · Do you see the world as a hostile place? · Do you sit on the fence? · Do you fear that if you spoke the truth about how you really felt, that you would not be accepted? Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven tool that uses deliberate sound pulses in a repetitive and rhythmic manner to alter your state of consciousness to a frequency that can open, balance, and activate an impaired throat chakra.
When balanced, you are faithful and can express yourself and your ideas, have good communication skills, will power and honesty.

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