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Liven Up Those Walls With Wall Art

Have you ever found yourself sitting in bed after a long, arduous day at work, or school and stared blankly at your walls and thought to yourself, "My walls are missing something?" No? Well, neither have I, but what I have noticed is how you can dress up some pretty dreary-looking walls with contemporary wall art and really change the whole mood and appearance of the entire room.
Wall art is a very loose term for a category of art that has so many different pieces to it.
It might be sufficient enough to say that it is "art for your walls", but even so, it really doesn't do justice to the broad scope of artworks that will make your walls spring back to life! Modern wall art is pretty much anything, and everything you put on your walls to coincide with the rest of the decor in your room.
That could be a photo print, a painting, or shelves with mini figurines.
The first thing you need to do is assess the condition of your walls.
Do they need a fresh coat of paint? Are they riddled with holes from the dozens of pictures you had hanging? What about color? Many modern homes are using one wall to add a new accent color to their room.
By painting one wall a different color you can really change the whole flow of the room.
If you want a warm and welcoming atmosphere, try using red, yellow or orange hues.
Warmer colors also work well if you have a very specious room and you want the perception to be that things are more inward or - cozy.
If you room is somewhat small, try cool colors like shades of blue, purples, greens or even grey.
These hues will give the perception that a room is larger than it really is.
Once you've cleared the walls, repainted them (if necessary) and patched up any holes, you're ready to decorate! Modern wall art is at your beck and call! Check out the many pieces of artwork you can use, like abstract wall art, which is excellent for bringing color and imagination to your walls.
Or, explore wall statues and quilts.
Go art deco and put up a print of Marilyn Monroe, or if you need more lighting, consider putting up some decorative wall sconces.
Mix and match pieces.
Use paintings in one room and sculptures in another.
There's a whole world of art for your wall at your disposal.
Go for it! You really can have fun with this project and then you can stand back and admire how much livelier your room has become.

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