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Dog Question & Answers - Hot Sauce & Obedience School For the Older Dog

Question 1: Obedience through Hot Sauce? Some people told me that the dog can be trained not to touch any food lying on the ground by adding hot sauce to a piece of meat; Is this an acceptable method to teach obedience to the dog? Also, whether it is safe? Answer 1: No; this is not at all an acceptable practice.
If any trainer recommends this method it is high time he goes to the drawing board and start learning fundamentals.
It may be possible to make the dog avoid the piece of meat for which hot sauce has been added; however anybody teaching the dog to avoid food lying on the ground provides negative dog training in his mind and this is not desirable.
Question 2: Too Old For Training? I have been breeding a dog which at present is thirteen years old, having good health and no visible physical defects.
I wanted to enroll him in training in an obedience class conducted by a woman trainer; she refused to enroll the dog stating that he is a thirteen-year-old dog and hence not amenable for training.
This trainer has been quite popular and has written several books.
I am unable to comprehend this argument that one cannot train a dog of thirteen calendar years.
Please give me your opinion on this.
Answer 2: I would recommend that you should ignore this trainer and approach a different trainer who is prepared to accept your thirteen year old dog for training and enroll your dog in that class.
In case your dog is still hale and healthy and also happy I can see that both you and your dog love each other.
I believe that age should not be the criteria for learning.
Question 3: Scared Of Thunder Storms A six-year-old male German shepherd was given to me by my friend.
This dog gets terribly afraid in case there is thunderstorm and he breaks the door of the house to come inside the house.
It appears that she had to change three doors of her house because of this behavior of her dog.
As days go by things are getting worse and she wanted to get rid of him because of this behavior.
How can we make the dog get rid of its fears regarding thunderstorm? Answer 3: In case you are keen to help this dog from this predicament you should immediately open the door and let the dog in.
The dog's fear of thunderstorm is akin to the human phobia on heights or closed-in environment.
It is a neurotic syndrome deeply entrenched and he may have to live with it until his death.
By allowing him to come inside the house when there is a thunderstorm, you are making life easier for him.
It is possible to remove some of the fear by "conditioning" your dog.
For example, you could give a food reinforced "reward" after each thunderous roll.

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