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Baseball's fattest man is a thought that caught me in a moment of relaxation late one evening and it struck me as an interesting thing, like with baseball so filled with statistics.
Not to dwell completely on the fattest man theme but other quizzical possible obscure facts.
We all have heard of Bill Veeck and his putting in the ringer of a midget in uniform for a baseball game.
In the days of Noah there were many men on earth who were giants.
 David was called upon the field of battle to defend his countrymen from the dreaded giant.
The Giant which David put down, was one of many men of the land who towered above the average sized man.
David versus the Giant and then Samson taking on the Lion and finally Samson given enough power to bring down the whole coliseum.
The little giant killer and the man who destroyed a coliseum filled with people by brute strength were not fatty fatty 2x4 cannot get through the kitchen door.
Size by girth nor power of muscle can never best the act of the Creators of divine guidance and a determined will.
If it were not the steroids then it must have been the water.
Then again it might have been the fresh fruit and good green veggies and laying off so much mutton.
  Forget what David and his crew had for supper.
We need to accumulate more facts to figure the real girth of this fattest man of baseball.
Once we nail down and document for all of posterity to know the round about length of belt required by our roly poly round man of baseball then we might move on to more pressing and heavier matters.
Folks you see life does not need to be filled with abstract facts and figures we all need to lighten up relax be a little jovial now and again.
Be like "Mikey" try being free to try it all it you might like it.
Once we know the fattest by guess then surely someone can determine a mathematical formula to figure just about everything about this rotund pot of blubber.
If I am tuned in properly on what I read in the gazette our entire country has this fat disease something, about fast food slowing all these fatties down to a waddle.
Just trying to get you folks to lighten up some.
No real message, just a little frivolity.

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