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How Do Guys Handle Breakups? 2 Reactions You Can Never Have If You Want Your Girlfriend Back

So you might be wondering, "How do guys handle breakups?" Honestly, not very well. Men are notorious for making a multitude of mistakes after a breakup that ultimately ruin any chance they have of getting a girlfriend back.

Many men simply don't know how to handle the painful emotions associated with a breakup, and it causes them to turn to acts of desperation. They panic and try to do too much too fast, or they turn extremely angry and over-react. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, here's 2 reactions you never want to have.

2 Ways Guys Handle Breakups And Why You Should Never Copy Their Blueprints

When a man gets dumped, his tendency is to react in one of two ways. Both are relationship killers when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back.

Blueprint #1 - I'll Do Anything Or Say Whatever I Have To If It Means Getting Her Back

The men in this category are panic stricken. When a breakup occurs, they don't know how to act, but they feel desperate to do something in a hurry. Their mindset is, "I need to do something fast or I'm going to lose her forever. I'll never get a second chance if I don't turn things around IMMEDIATELY!"

And then all hell breaks lose.

These men start to beg, plead, and apologize. They buy gifts or flowers. They say anything they think their girlfriend wants to hear. And they end up looking needy, desperate, and pathetic to their ex girlfriend. Men who try to follow this blueprint give all the power in the relationship back to their woman, and she runs the other way.

Blueprint #2 - I'm Ticked Off And I Just Don't Care Anymore

How do guys handle breakups when they fall into this category? These are the men with tempers and attitude. Revenge is at the forefront of their mind. Their anger causes them to say and do things they don't mean and creates deep, painful scars in the relationship that often can't be repaired.

They over-react and find outlets for their emotions through yelling and name calling or by turning to alcohol, drugs, or sleeping with the very next woman they come across. They do whatever they can to make sure their ex girlfriend is just as miserable as they are. In worst case scenarios, they develop stalker like tendencies and keep showing up in places their not welcome just to cause a scene.

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