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How Do Guys Handle Breakups? 2 Reactions You Can Never Have If You Want Your Girlfriend Back

In life, one can compare the friends they have to different kinds of containers, mostly those that can be found in the kitchen. Why? It is because the kitchen houses almost all kinds, shapes and sizes of containers not to mention the kitchen gadgets that we find in it.

Plastic food containers can be compared to friends who are there for you through ups and downs. Those that you find in a Tupperware catalog are the friends that are high profile, but it does not mean that they are less of a friend, for they too are the ones that you can count on whenever you have problems. The difference is, you can buy Tupperware online, while you can never buy friends on the Internet.

But there are also people you meet online that can also be your plastic food container, err, friend. Most people take for granted that people online are pretenders, and that they should never be taken seriously. The thing is, there is really a possibility that most of the stuff said are all crap and trash, but like all things, there could also be a better half, and that is most people online are also as honest as your real, live friends could be.

Did it ever occur to you that these people that you don't see are people who take writing as their outlets? That they do not have social lives outside the social networks and chat rooms where you meet? That they are, in reality, more in danger of being taken for granted and fooled than you are because people perceive them as negative.

Now you know. I myself am one of the people who love to chat and participate in forums. I enjoy it most when my opinion is being sought, I thirst for debates and meaningful not to mention deep conversations, for I love it when people want to ask for my point of views and judgment. I like it when I meet people and learn from their own opinions that are based on their experiences, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and traditions. Of course, I share my own, too.

It is important to be on your guard but it does not mean you always have to doubt. You should have your own precaution as regards to the people you meet on the Internet, like when and why give out your home number or cellular phone number, why give your address, or even your full name. At this time and age, technology is the answer to almost every inquisitive mind; one just has to know the right kinds of questions to ask.

Each of us should know how to balance precaution from being open. Not all people are like you and not all people are like me. What we think could be the small difference could very well be the line separating your safety and you being in danger. Know when to keep things and know when to divulge small scraps of information. By this way, you'll be safe and happy.

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