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Domestic Violence Can Kill a Marriage, Are You Doing This?

Domestic violence occurs, regardless of socio economic status,from Joe Schmo to the biggest corporate CEO and from a christian viewpoint,there is absolutely no place for abuse in a marriage among those who call upon the sacred name of Christ.
Before you commit to marriage, ask yourself,do you really know this person,who gives you butterflies and makes you feel so special? Have you ever seen him or her angry? Just because they may talk a good game i.
claims to share you values etc doesn't make it so.
Biblically speaking,marriage is to be a lifelong commitment,not as long as you make feel good,Men and Women are equal partners,not fierce competitors where one always has to get their way or dominate the other, you're both supposed to be a team.
Genesis 1v27 Men, especially,are called to love his wife like his own flesh,for what man hateth his own body?, in other words he is to be her protector not her abuser.
Ephesians 5v29 However if you're in a relationship with someone, in which domestic violence is involved and your spouse is using you as target practice, a punching bag or as an outlet for their frustrations e.
g maybe he/she didn't get that raise at work or the mortgage is due in two days before going into foreclosure,you must remove yourself from that situation immediately, however difficult.
Domestic violence can be perpetrated by either gender,not surprisingly women who abuse their husbands are rarely reported as most men are ashamed of admitting to having been abused by their wife or feel that nobody would believe them.
Despite this,most domestic violence by far,is committed by men,two examples come to mind like the woman who was charged with a felony for scolding her husband's genitals with boiling hot water or the 59 year old ex-lawmaker who slit his wrists and was found at his parent's grave after allegedly killing his 29 year old fiance.
If you are an abuser, you need to get professional help and repent before God, before you can even think of reuniting with your spouse.
If you are the one being abused,while you might still love your spouse, you need to leave and reach out to family, a trusted pastor or even anti domestic violence organizations and not accept the excuse "I don't know what came over me,Please Baby, it won't ever happen again" until and unless the abuser gets professional help.
There are too many instances of domestic violence where it ends really badly frequently ending in murder suicides, these cases have resulted in a new word brought into our collective lexicon the "familycide" where a spouse (usually the husband) will kill his whole family and himself.
Domestic violence is nothing to take lightly, before you commit to marriage or "get serious" make absolutely sure that you get objective advice e.
friends and family and that you are not just follow your feelings as you may be "blinded by love".
Love is a choice and a commitment not just a feeling.
Really take the time to know who you are committing to.

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