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What to Feed a Dog With Bad Teeth


    • If your dog does well on a particular dry blend of food, or if this is the type of food your pet has eaten throughout his life, your best option may be to continue feeding your dog this diet. Moistening the food with warm water or chicken broth and allowing it to set until it has softened will make it possible for him to chew despite his bad, or lack of, teeth. If the food is still not of a consistency he can manage, consider running the moistened food through a blender or food processor.


    • There are several options when it comes to moist foods. There are semi-moist foods that are sold in sealed plastic bags. These may still require that you moisten them before feeding them to a dog with severe dental problems. With canned foods, watch out for those that contain chunks of meat. A dog with few or no teeth may not be able to chew the chunks. You can place the foods in a blender of food processor to turn chunks into a gruel that your dog can lap from her bowl without chewing.


    • Chicken broths, pureed burger and other homemade treats can also be the bulk or a treat for the dog with dental problems. As more and more pet guardians turn to homemade diets for their dogs, guardians should consider this for the dog with bad teeth. These dogs may do better on this type of diet than on a commercial blend. Think about soups, broths and gruels that you can make for your pet. Also consider putting various homemade meals in the blender or food processor to get them to a consistency your dog can swallow and chew.

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