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How to Have Success at Shows and Expos for Your Home Candle Business

Where do you go to find Expos and Shows to market your Candles? If this is something that you find you may be interested in when it comes to building your successful candle business, then you want to start your research online with Google.
Put in the search engine events, festivals, expo's and shows and you should come up with some websites where you can check out places in your area.
Type in your area and some of the surrounding areas where you would be interested in setting up a show.
There are some people who will travel exclusively to several states and do events every weekend.
Those who do know and understand there is an expense but have chosen to expose their business this way.
If you have the time and money it is a great opportunity for getting more business.
You can also check your local newspaper, they usually will let you know the upcoming shows.
Checking bulletin boards wherever you go may provide you with several new shows that you hadn't known about.
Talk to others who have been going to shows and see if there is something upcoming in your area that you should know about.
A tip of advice: Always be the only specialty product there.
It will enhance your chance of more customers.
Don't be afraid to inquire about who the other vendors are before you spend your money! A word of advice! When you finally decide where you will hold your show, read your contract! Know if they will have electric for you to plug in your candle warmers if you want to use electric! Where will your booth be located? Can you take a look at a map first before you put money down? Look over the map if possible and try to find a booth perhaps close to where the check out line is.
If people are standing in line, they may just stop at your booth while waiting.
You sure don't want to be stuck back in a corner where no one will notice your table! Target your customers.
If you have candles that you are selling, don't book at a local gun show! Use common sense, however a home builders show may be perfect for candles as Realtors and home builders may use candles to decorate their homes they show to the public.
The best way to build a list of customers and future candle business owners! Have a raffle, a box to capture names or some way of getting people to sign up for something! Provide a way to do this.
One suggestion is to hold a drawing.
Have customers and passerby's enter it and have the winning item displayed on your table.
One of the best things I ever did was to work the crowd at a show I did a few years back.
I had entry forms and walked the crowd, handed them a slip and told them to fill out and drop off on their way out at my table.
It worked! My last tip and one of the most important ones is to never, ever sit down, read a book, talk on the phone or look disinterested in your work.
Get up, stay standing, get out from behind that table and talk to people.
You don't have to sell them, your product should do that by itself, but be available for questions and get to know people.
Oh and have fun!

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